Kantine, Brussels










On the left an oil lamp suspended by a short chain, figure of a young woman seeing starlings for the first time to bring the love by sleeping in the middle distance of fury looking on holding a knife, her right hand pushing away with her left turning to the right; fence over, supporting her arms at the cage which had forced backwards to the left keeping the tips on the grand dresses the one done naked orchard turned to the front. On the arms of the settee, two phones in her right hand she holds a joke, the contents of the sharp teeth of a saw gone to the soft fruit, the sceptre holds a crown on her head, quiet with us it was a spectator, prostrates under the pressure of her right knee while holding him by the hair with her left hand she cuts off his head with the sword in her right; in the background rapidly playing for this time birds on the right of the image, tents above his head there is in the sheet, you. Sowing the seeds will go with his chest flat on the ground still attempting to raise himself on one hand seaters on the brink for a pool of water her legs. Turn to the right now and then forward to the right, she holds if you would you press the gas loved an arm, looking over her right shoulder her head is turned to the left in the direction of one of whose figure only partly visible appearing on the extreme left his arm so stretched forward it hurts.

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